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Discussion in 'Tech Spot' started by awdkjawkjdawkd, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    I bought an Asrock Extreme 4, its garbage, I'm pretty sure it was a bad one I got because of issues that would take too long to go into detail. I love MSI, I ALWAYS buy from them but they one from them has issues with video card clearance. SO, I want to know what you guys think I personally don't prefer any other brand but Asrock was cheap and I was low on money. An issue for me is the sound card I need a PCI slot or a new sound card, the Asrock ones that are more expensive have Creative Core3D cards. Not a bad deal and this is my first bad asrock experience. So really my question is should I try asrock again?
    I have used many of thier motherboards in customer builds I did and loved them plus they have the best reviews for socket 2011 on newegg... INB4 Lionheart and EVGA lol My budget is $320.
    I plan on having 3 video cards.

    What do you guys think I want the MSI but those clearance issues and sound card not fitting with 3 video cards is a bid deal and the Asrock is the best deal, I just don't know if I should do it again. GRANTED I did buy the Asrock Extreme 4, thier cheapest board at only $215.

  2. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    I'll let Tom do my talking. :)

    Seven $260-$320 X79 Express Motherboards, Reviewed,3111-4.html

    Ultimate X79? Five $320+ LGA 2011 Motherboards, Reviewed,3086.html

    If you want to run three cards and not hamstring them, then you're going to have to lay down the dough on your motherboard. That's an exotic feature.

    My advice? I hear from the channels I pay attention to that ASUS is the way to go, specifically the Rampage Extreme. Do with that advice what you will, but I'm not holding anything back from ya. :)
  3. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    To be totally honest, I have never had the money or needed to do SLI/Crossfire. My motherboard can run 16/16/8, its only 215 dollars, I'm still getting a new one because this one is crap but what is the difference between these when it comes to SLI?
  4. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    Not sure which you're asking me to compare, but whatever you choose, I'm sure you can adapt later if you find that the project merits the additional power.
  5. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    I took that as saying you need to spend more to make it work well, not just work.
    I have a 215 cheapo x79 motherboard, it can do tri-sli, what difference does it make between boards that cause them to hamstring is all. I have the cheapest board and you say I'd have to spend more money. What difference does it make I'm just trying to understand what you meant by that is all. Sorry I'm not being clear:p
  6. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    I hate seeing that x8 there. Frustrating, when you're running stuff that can use all 16 lanes. The equivalent of the Northbridge chip on the mobo is what I'm cautioning you to make sure is beast enough, is all. Venerance isn't being developed with current-gen hardware in mind.
  7. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    Then I will plan for crossfire of next gen. Thanks. I may go with the Asus, I just don't want to get another lemon is all. MSI IS STILL MY GREATEST LOVE OF ALL.
    I do wonder, why did you get an EVGA motherboard, at least I think you said that I was looking for the post but couldn't find it.
  8. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    One more question, the Asrock is by far the best deal, and I normally have great experiences with them and they have good reviews. Infact they have the best for x79 on newegg. And for overclocking was only beat slightly by the Asus Deluxe. Do you think I should if it's the best option?
  9. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    I get a lot of my advice from Tom's Hardware. I'd look there. I don't know enough about those boards and the contexts within which they occur to give you solid advice. I go with eVGA for everything because they're earned my loyalty as a customer, and if they mess up and don't make up for it, I'll definitely be looking at other vendors but so far so good.

    The very first problem that I had with them only happened relatively recently and that's that the board series they released, their X79, X79 FTW, and X79 Classified all have an issue with their USB 3.0 ports and they had typical teething issues with their BIOS early in the mobo's release. They're going to replace my board, but I told them I wanted to wait to do that for various reasons (not the least of which was getting Venerance going on a pubic level).
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  10. ZackDark Corporal

    Wait, what sort of USB 3.0 problems?
    Recently, I've had an USB 3.0 transfer generate interference on a wireless mouse connected to an USB 2.0 nearby.
  11. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    The kind where power surges mess up the USB 3.0 ports and possibly even damage or incapacitate the devices plugged into them.
  12. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    YES! Asrock released a bios update for my Motherboard and I'm 95% sure I can overclock now so I might not have to dump 270 on a new board:D Sadly Windows 8 hates Cpu-z and speccy so I'm using Hardware ID but its not being totally clear... YES.

    UPDATE: It works. Perfectly. Stable at 4.4 Ghz and isnt bumping the multiplier down to x12. Good day!
    Anything venerance related I should spend my money on? I was considering a capture card to get screen shots for reference pictures.
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  13. ZackDark Corporal

    First of, grats on the OC!

    Second, a great idea for the game: screenshot button, so we don't have to constantly rely on capture cards.
    And, if possible, a full theater mode, though I'm not sure how far down that line CryEngine will help you guys and how much you would have to implement...
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  14. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    I like those Ideas but what I was saying is a capture card so I can get images from my xbox to upload them as reference images.

    I plan to MAYBE try to push it to 24/7 of 4.8 but with only the H80 that seems like a bad idea, plus I'm happy to have it working OC'd at all.

    I instead am getting a pci express sound card so I wont have issues needing a PCI slot ever again!
  15. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    Wise choice on the sound card.

    Congrats on the OC. Nice cooler too, btw. ;P

    I'd save up money, if you're looking at Venerance hardware. Keep an eye on what will likely be a ~$650 card at launch, the GK110-based 512-bit entry into the latest line from nVidia.

    In the meantime, a FRAPS license is always good, and pay off your pre-order of Halo 4, and... save the rest. lol
  16. ZackDark Corporal

    Was ist FRAPS?
  17. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    The best thing ever.

    Also, a great argument for getting a game on PC instead of on console.
  18. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    Agreed. That and you can do more on it and its graphically better... You know that too...
  19. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    I am annoyed I actually bought an Asus one but Windows 8 REFUSES to accept it, and my old as hell, I MEAN OLD X-fi card works without a driver install. Even Windows 7 I had to find the drivers. But yeah I got I have studio monitors and I know thats not a great choice for it but I don't have money for a real sound card. I wanted an M-Audio but as I feared TERRIBLE driver support so I figured this is the best route driver and connectivity wise.

    I think I will, I need to get a job bad. Once I do though getting at least two high end cards will not be an issue. Also selling my 7970 will help pay for part of it. I also have a computer to sell so I might be able to only have to only save for 1 of the two cards.
    I have FRAPS as well, it is my friend. I was honestly surprised the 680 was only $500 at launch that really got me.
  20. ZackDark Corporal

    I'll say!

    You have no idea how happy I was when I found that out.
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