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Discussion in 'Tech Spot' started by awdkjawkjdawkd, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    Intel MBs are alright. What you care about for this mod is the videocards not stumbling over each other, and that has less to do with the power of your CPU and everything to do with the the power of your "NorthBridge Chip". I'd go with 2011 for that reason alone, although there are others as well.
  2. ZackDark Corporal

    I don't get it. Why is the 2011 better than the 1155 in that aspect?
    The main reason I'm not considering a 2011 anymore is that for every dollar of difference over there, we get two dollars here. So the price difference is very unjustified when it comes to 2011 (at least processor-wise).
  3. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    The text of this article answers your questions. Don't just look at the charts, read the text too. The games made today, even Crysis 2, don't DEMAND as much from those lanes of PCI-e. But Venerance probably will, because it's not being made with the masses in mind, it's pushing the quality bar as far as the software will let it go.,3071-15.html
  4. ZackDark Corporal

    Got it.

    One thing I had mind is to just buy a great, but non-Venerance capable, computer now to help you guys the best I can and later, maybe early next year, maybe this X-Mas (fingers crossed), get a beast one.
    So, keeping in mind that all I'll have for this one is a LGA1155 i7 and a GTX570hd, which MBs do you guys recommend I get?

    The bigger the list you guys post, the better for me. ;)
  5. The Lionheart Project Lead, Creative Director, Hat Rack

    I'd just invest in the one that overclocks the best, then. Get every ounce of performance that you can out of it. eVGA has some fantastic 1155 boards. This is a great one:
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  7. awdkjawkjdawkd Sergeant

    They don't have much besides intel that's worth getting in Brazil, also Zack I'd just save up for multiple video cards and a new psu later. That's all you'll need FOR NOW. then the following year when Venerance is done just get more, new haswell cpu and maybe a new video card.
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    Better than 4k:D

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